How to win the lottery (and why it doesn’t matter)

Here is how to win the lottery: 1. Do not purchase a lottery ticket. That’s right. Do not purchase a ticket. Don’t steal a ticket, don’t borrow a ticket. You don’t even need a lottery ticket. 2. Do work you enjoy. If you’re going to spend half your waking hours working, you should get a

Changing My World (One Moment at a Time)

Sometimes we simply have days (or weeks) where things seem off. I’ve been struggling with that sense of “feeling like something is off” these past few days. I have been having trouble concentrating, staying present in the moment, listening, and the weight of life has been bogging me down. My mind wanders, and I find

Paradox, Change, & Humor

One day while in training to be a Peace Corps Volunteer, I was sitting with the other hopeful volunteers in a classroom in Desamparados, Costa Rica. On that sunny morning, one of our trainers decided to show us some clips of a movie called The Peaceful Warrior. Of the few clips we were shown, the

Responding & Reacting to Life

Most of us have lived a very lucky life. We try to do things right and live without regrets, but even while we are living life to the fullest life throws us curveballs. What kind of curveballs does life throw us? -layoffs -early/young death in the family -childhood cancer and disease -economic depressions, inflations, and

Defining Success and Happiness

One source of restlessness in life is when we feel like we are not successful. …But the problem is often not that we are not succeeding. The problem is not necessarily that we aren’t successful, it is that we haven’t defined what success would look like for ourselves. It may well be that we ARE

Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way (book)

“As many a thinker since Aristotle has said, everything we do is ultimately aimed at experiencing happiness. We don’t really want wealth, or health, or fame as such – we want these things because we hope they will make us happy. But happiness we seek not because it will get us something else, but for

Focus on the Present, or on the Future?

The central thesis to this site is learning to enjoy life where we are right now even while we have lofty future goals like retiring early. I feel a type of tension between learning to live in the moment and having ambitious goals where I am always concerned with some future goal or possibility (like

Enough: Money, Love, & Life

We all have the same basic fear. All humans have this innate fear hardwired within us. What fear is this? This fear that we all have is a fear that we’re not enough. As newborns, we do not have to do anything to get love. Mom’s oxytocin is released during and after childbirth and creates

What Inspires You?

You know what really grinds my gears? …The next words after “you know what really grinds my gears” usually have to do with a series of pet peeves, complaints, and things that irk us. Hey, we all need to get stuff off our chest every once in a while. Here is a little variation to

The Pursuit of More

What if life is not about the pursuit of more? …more money, more time, more things, more cars, more fun, and more facebook updates. What if we did not value and define leaders by what they have – assets, experience, connections, and cars? What if we did not care about appearances? What if, instead of